The Gals Families The Guys

The Guys

Adam - CH. O'Skot's Touch of Rattlebridge

Ditto - CH. Rattlebridge Ditto Master CD

Jesse - CH. Peglen All Things Considered

Banner - CH. O'Skot's Sight of Rattlebridge

Sneakers - CH. O'Skot's You Call It Joggin

Sony - CH. Peakdowns Sony

Erik - CH. Rattlebridge Erik the Red

Scorcher - CH. Rattlebridge Hotlanta Night, CGC

The Gals Families The Guys

The Gals

Margo - Ch. O'Skot's Margaritaville

Dharma - Ch. Rattlebridge American Pie, ROM

Ruin - Ch. Peglen Nancy Whiskey O'Skot

 Ragen - Ch. Rattlebridge All the Rage 

Chrissy - Rattlebridge Onyx

Our Extended


Our "Un-Cavalier" Kids

Johnny -  Ch. Kalan's Dirty Dancing
(11/00) On right
Ch. Ima Fox Scorpio Illusion x Andros It's My Party
Hairless Chinese Crested
Co-owned with his breeder - Shawn Clute, Rosharon TX


Mora - RobRex's Mora (7/00) On left
Ch. Willow Saturday Nite Special x Ch. RobRex's Espresso Classico
Powderpuff Chinese Crested
Co-owned with is breeders - Robert Collins & Jimm Cox, Spartanburg SC

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